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within stillness:
all i must do is begin
2021  |  sop . bsn . db . bwd-pno 



            within stillness is part of a series of works that I’ve been developing over the last five years that investigate the aural and physical connections in contemporary string techniques and how the integration, combination, and abstraction of these techniques can be manipulated to aid in my attempts to provoke the experience of an atmosphere. within stillness draws its name from the concept of abstract art; from creation to definitive product, the work remains physically still, but within this stillness, textures, depth, and energy solicit the observer to imagine much more activity despite the limitations the still, physical form captures.


            within stillness: all i must do is begin was created in reaction to “Spectre 2” from the intelligence of feeling abstract painting series by British artist Gina Parr. The painting can be found on her website:


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