Music has been a journey revolved around mediation.


Much of my current music has been inspired by the abstract paintings of Gina Parr, Michel Keck, and Jason Twiggy Lott. 


The creation of music that represents the still, yet intricate textures of abstract art have provoked my interest

in the idea of sound sculpture as a sonic medium in which I can create and develop my current work. 

The integration of formal parameters is derivative of the artwork itself, but only as an initial framework that fluctuates 

as the piece reveals itself through the materials imposed upon that structure. 


The beauty of small, fragile moments are integral to the concept of my work. Providing space and time to investigate the entirety of these

moments; from the timbre and spectral nuances to the physical technique and performance informs my current pieces.


My earlier work explores ideas of program and gesture. From directness to obscurity, many of these earlier inspirations

have offered important introductory elements into the narrative that has been my journey to the music that 

I compose and explore today.  



Solo, unaccompanied

delicate figures (fall 2020)  |  vc


catching light: within light (fall 2020)  |  a. sax 

sul (2019)  |  dbl bs   |  score  |  recording


Resonant Chamber (series est. 2017)  |  bwd-pno   |  recording


Respiri (2017)  |  flt  |  score  |  recording


Carbon White  (2015/16)  |  mba  |  score


tribute to the night  (2013)  |  pno 


In a Dream  (2013)  |  bsn  |  score 





Solo, accompanied


Transfuse  (2017)   |  hrn . electronics


... Somehting is wrnog ...  (2018)   |  hrn . electronics  


Fantasy  (2015)   flt . pno  


Azure Roads  (2014)  |  tuba . pno  |  score  |  recording


Not. With. You.  (2013)  |  vce . pno  |  score  



Small Ensemble

within stillness  (2019)  |  vc . vc . db . db  |  score recording  

Caeli  (2018-19)   |  st qt  |  score  |  recording 

Prayer for Tranquility  (2017)  |  st qt  |  score  |  recording

Refuge  (2017)  |  wwd trio  

Broken Pieces  (2013-14, )  |  flt choir

Illumination  (2013)   |  cl . (2) mba . pno

Medium Ensemble

The Journey  (2014/15)   cmb  ensemble  |  score  |  recording

Large Ensemble


catching light: within shadows (fall 2020)  |  a. sax cnto, sinf. 

Meraki  (2020)  |  wd ensemble 


Reigniere  (2016/17)  |  wd ensemble  |  score  |  recording


Soaring Winds  (2014)  |  orchestra

All Photography was captured by Rachel Lee Photography

and Berini Photography.

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