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2017/2021  |  SOLO FLUTE





          Respiri, for solo flute, is a work that explores the performance of shaping air through, around, and outside of the instrument. The inspiration comes from my ongoing search of providing space for my own voice and the voices of the unheard, underserved, and underrepresented. The work centers around the idea of finding one’s voice and influence while deflecting oppressive energies and systemic obstacles. Throughout the piece, the flutist utilizes meditative and energized breathing as a way of coping and neutralizing these forces. Emerging out of the spiraling texture is a weaken solo, wading in and out of focus, continuing to search for its identity and presence.

          This piece is reflective of all who continue to discover who they are, fight for their visibility, and strengthen their mindfulness.  

Written for flutist, Maeve McGonical. 

Performance by: Paula Gudmundson






Paula Gudmundson_Respiri_NFA

Paula Gudmundson_Respiri_NFA


Respiri Score Cover

PDF Score


Respiri Score Cover

Printed Score


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