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          Much of my current music has been inspired by the abstract paintings of Gina Parr, Michel Keck, and Jason Twiggy Lott

and various natural and unnatural light phenomena.


The creation of music that represents the still, yet intricate textures of abstract art have provoked my interest

in the idea of sound sculpture as a sonic medium in which I can create and develop my current work. 

The integration of formal parameters is derivative of the artwork itself, but only as an initial framework that fluctuates 

as the piece reveals itself through the materials imposed upon that structure. 

          If you wish to purchase a score and part(s), please visit the contact me page and make a request.

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All online archival recordings can be found on SoundCloud. 

Click on the blue titles to take you to the works individual page to read more about it.

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Interested in Collaborating?

As a collaborator, I love to engage with artist from within and across disciplines. From film, media, concert music, theatre, dance, improvisation, studio art, and many more forms of creation, contact me to begin the process!

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